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Pretty Ponies will make you look forward to visiting your wardrobe over and over again with the new ladies clothing collection. British style, high fashion, aristocratic lifestyle and English country pursuits.

This season we’re introducing our new casual collection with a variety or tweed jackets, skirts and hats in new styles and colours. You’ll find showing must-haves and essential showing wardrobe pieces such as shirts, tie pins, scrunchies and show canes along with our beautifully tailored tweed and navy jackets, complete with a variety of velvet options and stitching that will make any ladies wardrobe stand out from the crowd. Iconic pieces can be found throughout our ladies clothing range and if you fancy something different or have your own vision why not get in touch and let our designers bring your idea to life.

At Pretty Ponies, we design ladies clothing that is hardwearing and made to last season after season, so only over time will the true value and quality of the clothes we craft be seen. No matter what you like to wear or how you like to wear it, this season you’ll find something either casual or showing in our ladies clothing range perfect for you.

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